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WEG Tour Championship Rules


1. The reigning Tour Champion must wear the Yellow Jacket and play their tee shot on the 1st hole whilst wearing the jacket.  This applies to both days of the tournament. Failure to wear the jacket for the 1st tee shot makes the reigning champion ineligible to win the tour on this day.

2. Consumption of alcohol is strictly encouraged, those not consuming at least 6 beers during the round will have handicaps shortened by 3 shots per beer (or part thereof) less than 6.

3. 1. NO CHEATING – Cheaters caught must play next hole with pants down to ankles and buy first round of drinks at the 19th for ALL players.

3.2. A second offence of Cheating will result in WTC organisers offering your spot in the following years tour to others.

4. If a players tee shot doesn’t pass the ladies tee they must buy a jug of beer at the 19th for other players in that group. There is no maximum for the amount of times this can occur in one round.

5. If a player scores a HOLE in ONE all players in that group must pay that player $100 by the end of the weekend event. Bank transfer is acceptable.